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10. July 2023

5 things you need to know to successfully launch your business  

Launching a start-up is always a big moment: it’s the culmination of many hours of thought and planning, and is only the beginning of the adventure! At A-One, we always aim to offer start-ups the best conditions to ensure their success. That said, ideal premises and a stimulating workplace aren’t the only ingredients for setting up a successful business!
Here are 5 things to consider when launching a start-up:


-> Take advantage of funding specific to start-ups
Solid funding is the foundation of any business. Many key players are keen to support innovation by offering funding. 
Here are a few organisations offering financial support to start-ups seeking to break into the market: 
- Innosuisse
- Venture Kick
- Conda Suisse
- Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation 


-> Build the right team
Setting a start-up on the right path calls for a good dose of passion, which makes building the right team paramount.  
Questions to ask to identify the right people:
– Does the candidate share your start-up’s vision?
– Why does the candidate want to work in a start-up?
– Is the candidate familiar with the unique working environment of start-ups?
– Does the candidate have a profile that complements the existing team?
– Does the candidate have an extraprofessional interest in issues related to your line of business? 

These questions will enable you to quickly differentiate between a candidate who is passionate, as opposed to one who is simply looking for a job.   


-> Be prepared to take risks
Taking risks is inherent in launching a start-up. Be prepared to take more along the way. 
– Not making a choice is sometimes worse than making the wrong one.  
– Failures are opportunities to learn and move forward.  
– As the saying goes: “Big risk, big reward”.
– A business can afford to take risks when it’s starting up; when it gets too big, there’s a lot to lose.  


-> Test yourself against the market
Testing what you’re developing is crucial, because the truth of the matter is start-ups aim to make money.   
– Market realities and needs may change during the design phase: it is absolutely vital to be aware of these – constantly. 
– Sales are your driving force and core objective: they enable you to grow. 


-> Focus on communication
If you don’t communicate on your core business, you’ll won’t reach your audience. 
– Communication is key in building your company’s reputation, even in the early stages of development – and the sooner, the better:  it is a long-term process!
– Communication enables you to be active on multiple different levels simultaneously, galvanising various target audiences: potential clients, investors, partners… 

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