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11. July 2023

The 8 good reasons to change in 2023!

The pandemic has truly changed the world of office work, reshuffling the deck – especially in terms of whether people work on-site or remotely. Where some might have thought that total home office would wine out, this was not the case: in fact, post-pandemic, most employees wanted to return to work on-site for part of the week. Indeed, it is no less vital today to think about work-environment performance, and to see relocating as a considerable performance driver at every strategic level within a company. Here are some good reasons to move in 2023… To A-One, of course!


-> To grow
Growth begets growth! With more space, everyone benefits from better working conditions and therefore more opportunities
Respecting the space standards for employees is essential. In Switzerland, the labour law provides for a minimum of 7 square metres per person in an office. Having more space means offering employees better working conditions, yes: but it also means having the opportunity to offer other activities such as training, hosting physical conferences to work on a content-oriented marketing strategy, or even creating an R&D laboratory to bring an innovative idea to life.  At A-One, there is no lack of space! When it comes to space to effectively meet the needs of the companies moving in there, everything is designed with flexibility in mind.


-> To be closer to strategic clients
Sending emails is good… but face-to-face conversations are even better!
No question: moving your business closer to your strategic clients enhances the business relationship. Gone are the days of potential doubts arising due to misunderstood emails or quotes that lack explanation. Here, impromptu face-to-face meetings are possible, and the whole working relationship is improved. One must never underestimate how much our clients enjoy getting out of their own offices – provided, of course, that they don’t have to spend 3 hours getting there, though!


-> To create synergies with other companies
Networking on LinkedIn is efficient, but chatting over coffee is much more concrete!
Being at the far end of a business district or at the top of a building without the slightest contact with other professionals is not a barrier to developing your business: indeed, trade fairs, social networking, and conferences all offer opportunities to occasionally interact. It’s the follow-up that is less straightforward. On the flipside, taking advantage of daily synergies by sharing workspaces with other players in one’s business sector, or with other companies that are innovative in their own fields, constantly opens up the scope of opportunity. It gives entire organisations the chance to meet new people and come up with new solutions every day. Welcome to A-One!


-> To embrace (the) new ways of working
Say goodbye to partitioned office space, and hello to open-plan and flex offices!
The way people work in the service sector has changed considerably in the last 15 years, with the advent of tech giants changing the approach to collaboration, both in org charts and in how office spaces are organised. Decompartmentalisation has become the golden rule for letting energy flow, provided there is enough space left for privacy when required. The advent of the home office is also a positive reflection of this new approach to working. Having a fixed location is no longer the norm, as the ability to connect to the company’s application servers has become the only real key to accessing one’s workstation, as is the case in any other physical location.


-> To be in sync with new positioning
Changing logo is important, but enhancing it with an office change is even better!
For the entire ecosystem of an organisation, relocating is a strong signal. It is an opportunity to completely overhaul the value perceived externally, but also and above all to rethink the org chart and other daily processes. For a company, this is a key moment to showcase its dynamism to its clients, partners, prospects, and even the talents it hopes to recruit in the future, through an ad-hoc communication plan. It is important to make the most of this new image by seeking to cover all the positive points on as many channels as possible.


-> To take advantage of the innovations in corporate real estate
An office is good, but it’s even better when It’s more than an office!
Several services have been added to the office environment. Today, a work environment that meets the “New Ways of Working” standards includes a host of innovations – not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of the emotional relationship that employees have with the place. Using business applications to manage meeting rooms or book meals, or trusting on a concierge service with personal needs, going for a run at the gym, or taking a break in a quiet room are all advances that have marked the advent of a more balanced way of working. At A-One, this philosophy is maintained for the well-being of all those who are lucky enough to come and work in the offices of …


-> To attract more talent
Finding new talent is important, but having them come to you is even better!
The image a company projects is fundamental, not only to its clients but to the pool of potential talent that surrounds it. In a Swiss job market where there is no shortage of jobs, it is crucial to work on your employer brand and to offer a working environment that meets the expectations of the new generations. The Start-up Nation is a reality, and relocating offices to be part of this mindset certainly maximises a company’s potential when it comes to attracting new talent.


-> To reduce one’s carbon footprint
Reducing one’s carbon footprint is urgent, and inviting everyone to do so is huge!
Moving your company to a multimodal hub where there is public transport and where soft mobility is given pride of place is not a luxury: simply put, the energy revolution is making it a fundamental trend. Indeed, it is therefore a great opportunity to review company standards when it comes to carbon footprint, and – especially – to offer employees a real alternative to using their personal vehicle. Coming to A-One means taking advantage of numerous amenities and working in a green setting between Lausanne and Geneva on the banks of Lake Geneva.

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